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Downtown USA

Downtown USA

Downtown USA




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Firehouse Collection

Seasons of the Heart

of the Heart

Santa's Village

Santa’s Village



Custom Building

Custom Buildings

Memory Box



from the Heart

Basket Valley



made by affixing a highly-detailed print of Marlene’s original painting to wood, Downtown features all the shops you’d find along main street ­ over 150 designs & counting!.

our new series of wooden wall art combines Marlene’s bright and cheerful painting with intricate cutting and friendly messages.

Lighthouses have always captured our imaginations as they guided loved ones home from the sea. Brandywine’s 18 designs are sure to rekindle your memories and capture your heart.

A selection of historic buildings and from across the country celebrate the proud traditions of American firefighting.

Now there’s a building for every Season!
Festive homes decked out for every month of the year.

Santa’s Village features all the buildings Santa needs to gear up for the Big Night.

Brandywine will personalize your buildings for you. Make your collection even more special!

Every community has buildings that are special in some way and which capture the hearts of the people who live there and of those who visit

Nesting boxes based on Downtown USA’s most popular buildings. Keep a lock of hair in the Baby boy box, or dried flowers form the bouquet in the Wedding box.

Bi-level with hand-painted details, our Hearts are based on some of Marlene’s earliest work, with thoughts and phrases that will warm your heart.

A charming village populated by buildings crafted to look like baskets. Includes the Flower Basket, Basket Valley Church, the Sewing Basket, and many more!

Williamsburg Collection

Colonial Williamsburg, VA is a very popular tourist attraction near our factory. We’'ve been working with the foundation for years and today are Williamsburg's official miniature replica maker.

Marlene’s favorite lines, Hometown, Country Lane and their accessories, were retired in early 2000. You can see them here.



Country Lane

Country Lane



Three-dimensional, handpainted small town representations, from the School to the Country Church to the Grocer.

Combining Cast, Handpainted foregrounds with print backgrounds applied to wood, Country Lane features such Country buildings as Farmers Market, a Little League Field and Bed & Breakfasts

Brandywine offers a number of accessories to accompany its miniature collectible buildings. .