Downtown USA

Downtown USA’s
American Folk Art


Santa’s Village’s
Sugarplum Baker


Crafstman Cottage

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Brandywine’s Downtown USA buildings are flat, each is made by affixing a highly- detailed print of Marlene’s original painting to wood. The result: the handpainted look without the handpainted price.

To make your Downtown USA collection even more special, consider personalizing it. Click here for more info.

All Downtown USA buildings, can be ordered with standard names, personalized, or with blank signs in our online shop. Downtown USA buildings are available decorated for Christmas.

Downtown USA

Santa’s Village: A Holiday collection of 12 buildings you might find on a trip to the North Pole.

Neighborhood Houses: A series of houses that capture the heart of small town America. Each can be personalized with the addition of a flag.

Western Village: Relive the glory of the Wild West with 13 Whimsical interpretations of the buildings in a frontier town.


Western Village’s
Blacksmith Shop


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